Origin of

Our Name nia

We named our bistro “Nia” (phonetic translation of “near”) in the strong hope and confidence to develop mutual trust between our customers, producers and staff – for all of us to be “near” to each other. We offer people who are leading hectic city lives a place where they can relax and recharge.

our policy

Quality food served honestly

American food is known for its ampleness and dynamic seasoning. We are here to put a little adjustment to it and successfully make it suitable to the Japanese palate. We do hope you will enjoy Nia’s home made cooking including our famous spareribs, bacon and breads.



We offer three daily lunch specials and a broad selection of dinner choices ranging from a la carte plates, course menus and a variety of alcohol and non-alcoholic drinks. Please feel free to come and join us on your own or as a group. We are aiming to run a restaurant that is loved and remembered in this charming corner of Nihonbashi, Tokyo.


Our Customers

American bistros are a rising specialty in New York and the West Coast. We introduced this growing trend to Japan and added our special sense of Japanese delicacy and civility.

At Nia we never use chemicals or additives. We only use natural spices and slow cooking to provide delicious and lasting tastes.

Nia welcomes baby strollers and wheelchairs. We are also happy to accommodate vegetarians, vegans and those with food allergies. Please feel free to ask for help at any time!

Nia is a non-smoking restaurant.